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Welcome to the new Members Only Page!

We are so glad you're here! The new Members Only page can be accessed by your own email and password. No more looking up your membership confirmation number. With this new page, you can update your personal information and set your login password. You can even easily renew your membership. 

Membership for 2023 opens November 15th. When you renew your membership, you receive all of the PAM member benefits:

2023 PAM Membership Includes:

  • Immediate access to the NEW Members Only page on the PAM website
  • Electronic volumes of Call To Worship Journal 55, 56, 57.1, 57.2, 57.3
  • Option for print volumes 56.4, 57.1, 57.2, 57.3
  • PAM member directory
  • Certification process to become Certified Church Musician
  • Discount on 2023 Worship & Music Conference registration
  • Members reception - Beer & Hymns - at Worship & Music Conference
  • Quarterly newsletter
  • Regional membership
  • 20% tuition discount to Rider University’s Westminster Choir College

Questions? Contact [email protected]